Each year billions of dollars worth of assets are lost to corrosion. At YYK we understand the importance of properly planned and executed coatings application. Today’s coating systems are long lasting and environment strong. More than ever before, a company’s attention to preparation, implementation, and inspections of each phase of system placement must follow specific standards. At YYK we are fully committed to continuing training and educating our employees through the use of SSPC training and membership. Our clients can be assured of the most up to date standards adherence; the best choices in coating systems for the specific job; and the confidence, the coatings system is chosen will give them the product life expectancy they can bank on. From tanks to towers, from bridges to barges, YYK has 30 years of experience and can do the job. 
Since founded in 1980, YYK Enterprises Inc. has performed corrosion control services for Military, Industrial, Commercial and public applications. Over the years YYK has placed many types of coatings including MARAD and Mill Spec Coatings, Enamels, 1, 2 and 3 part Epoxies, coal tar epoxies, Epoxy hybrids, Polyurethanes, urethanes, Organic and Inorganic Zincs, high solids, and a variety of metalized coatings for specific finish solutions. Our steel preservation technology rivals our competition in both preparation and coatings placement.  Our coatings professionals apply the latest in high solids coatings PCS.