Serving Industry and the Nation


YYK is aware that scheduling can be volatile and planning, estimating, and resource acquisition can be immediate and intensive. We will plan and schedule work to assure material, labor, and equipment are available to complete work requirements within the specified time limits and quality standards identified in the SOW. We will also schedule and arrange work so as to cause the least interference with the normal occurrence of government business and mission. In those cases where some interference is unavoidable, we will make every effort to minimize the impact of the interference, inconvenience, equipment downtime, interrupted service, and customer discomfort. We will coordinate with, obtain permission from, and notify the Contracting Officer’s Representative or designee of any work to be performed on a vessel under his/her control that would tend to cause any such disruption. We will make this notification at least two working days in advance of such work when it is prescheduled. Notification will include the type of work to be performed and the estimated completion date. We will reschedule any work deemed necessary in order to avoid unacceptable disruptions to the government’s business. All necessary work control procedures will be implemented to ensure timely accomplishment of work requirements, as well as to permit tracking of work in progress. Verbal scheduling and status reports will be provided when requested by the Contracting Officer’s Representative or designee, and will be verbally provided within two regular working hours.

YYK will cooperate and coordinate with all government personnel and other contractors to avoid conflicts with their performance and work schedules. We will notify the COR or designee of intended work areas necessary to be secured in order to control traffic flow and ensure worksite safety and integrity. Next day’s worksite availability will be verified before manning to ensure continuity of production scheduling and to lessen the likelihood of work stoppages.