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Quality & Safety

Quality Policy

YYK is totally committed to performing only quality work. This policy is determined and promulgated by the President and supported by management at every level within this company. Quality work, on time, safely, and at or below estimated cost is the company’s objective.

YYK’s Quality Manual was patterned after the Quality System Requirements listed in ANSI / ASQC Q9001 and fulfills all ISO 9001 requirements.

Quality Responsibilities and Authority

The active involvement of top management is considered essential to the success of the Quality Assurance Program. Management is responsible to provide and maintain a Quality Assurance program, which insures that all supplies and services submitted to the customer for acceptance conform to the requirements of the contract, whether they are conducted by YYK, or by a subcontractor thereof. Management provides all required resources including the indoctrination and training of personnel.

The On-Site Foreman is responsible for scheduling, planning and accomplishing the requirements of the contract. They are guided in their production efforts by the requirements of the Quality Plan.

The Quality Assurance Coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Quality Assurance procedures. The Quality Assurance Coordinator maintains documentation and records, keeps measuring and test equipment certifications and acts as YYK’s contact with customer Quality Assurance representatives. They conduct internal quality audits to ascertain the effectiveness and success of this program. They ensure the Quality Assurance Program is understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels of the organization and exercise administrative management over all satellite activities. They have executive responsibility and are full time in that capacity reporting directly to the President of YYK. They identify and record any problem relating to the product, process, and Quality System, and are authorized to initiate any corrective or preventive action required. The Quality Assurance Coordinator verifies the implementation of any solution and has unique qualifications and significant experience in the Quality Assurance field.

Each individual worker understands that quality is not INSPECTED into the product, but rather is BUILT into it through performing quality work using refined and improved processes in each and every phase of their jobs. All personnel who manage, perform, and verify work that affects quality are responsible for implementing the Quality System.

Quality Plan

The Quality Plan describes test objectives and the inspections and tests to be conducted to verify compliance with specifications and operating requirements. It further verifies proper operation of impacted systems, equipment and interfaces after completion of barge work.

Upon contract award, the Quality Plan is implemented to document all inspections and tests required. One copy of the Quality Plan is retained by the Quality Assurance Inspector, and entered in the Quality Assurance database, and one copy is kept with the first line supervisor.

The Quality Plans include, as a minimum, the following information:

  • Vessel name and hull number, location, J.O. number and Item number
  • Description of inspections or observations to take place including accept / reject criteria
  • Type of inspection or test
  • Inspection Points
  • Paragraph number from specification
  • Date inspection took place
  • Results of inspection (satisfactory or unsatisfactory)
  • Signature of the person verifying the inspection or test